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and the possibility of the u.s. nations conducted air strikes against libyan forces which are just out side of that gauzy right now. let us go to the newsroom. >> reporter: good point, there are four journalists that will be released today. the for a journalist before reported missing while they were covering the libyan conflict. there will be released later on this afternoon. i will keep monitoring the wires into be posted throughout the morning. back to. >> thank-you, the time ballot is 602. that is talk about the weather. james? >>james: it does point to be wet, what, what all day. we of rain in san mateo. bring to the north. --rain to the north. it is a substantial bit of grain. a days trekking to the northeast as we said then up to the east we are going to see near the 1 01 at purging whitakeapproaching woodacre. expect, and the next hour or two to see raid.n. just going off shore and trek across the bay is good to be targeted towards a word. expect it to a arrived in just a little bit. this is what we're saying for storm trucker for. --seeing for storm tracker 4. the timing is at 9:00
: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy to the jobless public. he also offers support including, of the support related to the nuclear-power plant. >> reporter: the united states urged its citizens to move away from the power plant. u.s. state renounced church sites will be made available to u.s. citizens who have to leave. law will also provide an on android to providing over the site the idea is to give the japanese government a better idea what may be going on. reporting live, tokyo carmarthen savage. >> will: nearly a week after more than 452,000 people are staying in shelters in near freezing temperatures supplies are running short. more than 5300 people confirmed dead. officials believe that number will climb to well over 10 doesn't. the crisis in japan is spiking demand for the u.s. potassium iodine. it's a cheap trick that can protect against one type of radiation damage. >> reporter: one of the most common questions is will potassium iodide prevent radiation damage? state healt
of libya. >> reporter: air will allow the current coalition led by the u.s., u.k., france to stand down. that may please some legislators to criticize president barack obama for u.s. involvement. former secretary of state madeleine albright says the president made the right move. >> i think he handled it very well, the reason we intervened this is terrible things are happening on the ground near libya. people were being killed, gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had an international support for. >> reporter: the first set of data will be to take charge of the no-fly zones >> justine: . facing mounting concern over the proposed mission president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation today, a live event scheduled for 4:30 p.m. we wish be sure to light in exactly what he says. coming up, the latest on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 new
today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. nine days after the quake and his nominees year-old woman and a teenage border rescued from wreckage in the house. rescuers found the boy is suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his prose. inside the front his grandmother week by contras. the two were in the kitchen when the quake struck. the very latest in this situation in libya, a cruise missile blasted the compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit. pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition has succeeded dense scattering and isolating libyan forces of gaddafi after week a punishing air attacks. others believe that the military is under significant stress. that is included stealth bombers, jet fighters, 120 tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons. is there to fight saying we promised a long war. " >> james: will follow that story as it develops. now, here is a look at the weather. >> george: we have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, more showers today the beginning of a series of systems. it's a few shares working their way to ha
as we go through this week's series of storms. >> justine: world news, we will start and libya u.s. military says the plane has crashed in libya but it was not shot down. one crew member was safely removed now they're trying to remove the other member. both have minor injuries. more explosions, anti-aircraft fire around libya's capital happen overnight it seemed to be coming nearer compound belonging to gaddafi. this is a target of building to about some of the regime's ability to command and control troops. the focus is shifting to extending the reach of the no-fly zone. officials say that today assault on air defenses has been largely successful and checked out this, heart stopping scene of what appears to be attack on civilians. >> of, of this video service duron www.youtube.com it was reportedly taken two hours east of tripoli. cnn has not verified when or where were shot or who is responsible for that explosion. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even
people confirmed dead, at 10,300 people missing. 452,000 are without homes. the head of the u.s. regulatory system says it could take days and possibly weeks to get japan's mass under control at the power plant. u.s. is helping japan deal with this crisis. president obama spoke about the situation yesterday. mr. obama visiting the japanese embassy in washington d.c.. he wrote a message in a book of condolences. he told americans not to worry about an nonnuclear plume causing damage in the nine states. --nuclear-- >> we don't expect to nuclear clouds to reach united states. let me repeat that. we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, alaska, hawaii or the night is states territories. we are sharing expertise, equipment, technology so that the courageous responders on the scene have the benefit of american timor and support. >> reporter: the u.s. must learn from the power plant crisis he ordered a comprehensive review of all safety plans in the united states. there are more than 100 and nuclear reactors in the united states environmental protection age
a motorcycle crashed. if you're headed to the sierra, you are going to need chains in interstate 80 and u.s. highway 50. though portions of it has been completely shut down between kirkwood and silver lake because of the high snow levels there. let's find out more about the weather. >> james: beginning with a live picture out of santa cruz this morning, can you make that out? rain coming down heavy at times. we have a shot here of it coming down on our cameras. let's go to storm tracker 4. santa cruz moderate to heavy at times. the yellow is popping up in the middle of this light rain. we have modern rain coming down and said accrues, as we take a look at the bay area you can see it's hit or miss through debate. we were following a cell across san francisco on into oakland. impact in san francisco, oakland, alameda now getting a light shower activity this morning. also along the peninsula as well. along the way you will get scattered showers activities here and there appeared most of its a very light, nothing heavy. this afternoon as we get the heating of the day we may see a thunderstorm o
,000 students attend schools with fewer students on friday. >> reporter: a developing story a u.s. official says both the crew of an f-15 fighter jet that crashed in libya are safe and back in american hands. the official, speaking tuesday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, said a marine corps osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the pilot. he says the second crew member, a weapon's officer, was recovered by libyan rebel forces and is now in u.s hands. the crash occurred after what the military says was an equipment malfunction. why did the plane crash? they are saying there was an equipment malfunction. >> darya: time now is 6:36 a.m., more explosions and anti- aircraft fire around the capital. let's look at the new video and to kron 4. the explosions seem to be coming from out compound the belongs to gaddafi. they targeted a building to wipe out the ability to control troops. the attacks are narrowing with them focusing on extending the reach of a no- fly zone. the three day assault has been largely successful. >> mark: a safety official senn
. he also urged an effort to rescue. president barack obama is reviewing aid the u.s. is giving japan. the president is meeting with u.s. agency for international development to discuss the disaster assistance. japanese stocks are rebounding the nikkei recovering nearly 6 percent, from a two day plunge. the nikkei ended up for under 89 points or 5.7%. it dropped 16% over the first two days this week. japan's central bank injected $43 billion into the financial markets. in the u.s. futures are slightly higher after a japanese stocks rebounded and closed down 138 to 11,000. the s&p fell 15 points the nasdaq shedding 34. stay with kron4 and www.kron4.com for continuing coverage on the japan quake. we will give you the latest. if you are getting up there will probably be some more on the roadways. but it is a leftover from rain or the rain continued to come course york >> louisa: it will continue to come and lease for the beginning portions. will drive up by this afternoon. golden gate bridge, where we're expecting scattered showers and trying out the next bettering hamsters on friday bal
the emergency funding in totaling over $300 billion. economic reports u.s. businesses sold more industrial supplies in the final three months of last year. that pushed the deficit to the broadest measure of foreign trade to los colinear. the bailout of banks and on lawmakers to help prevent a crisis but may have sowed the seeds of the next economic crisis. >> darya: everyone seems to be getting wet today james? >> james: all the wet areas in the north pretty much gone now. we are only seeing rain along the 680, sliding it further we see the stretch of 24 near what muckrake and the caldecott cut total getting light rain right now. over the peninsula maybe some shower activity along 2 80 as you make your way along that corridor. other than that shower activity will stay sporadic and light through the morning. at noon scattered precipitation, by your afternoon ride things will look dry, staying dry overnight into tomorrow. thursday looks good for the most part but then we start to slow things up and get things wet as we head into thursday evening in friday. mid to low 50s right now, that cold
. the same time last year it was only $3.60. >> darya: robert gates say u.s. and afghanistan agreed u.s. troops should remain in afghanistan after the agreed upon withdrawal. he told u.s. troops, they would be needed after 2014, to train and advise the afghan forces appeared he will meet with the president during the trip. >> mark: space shuttle discovery leaving the space station for the last time. this is discoveries final flight, it wawill land on wednesday. >> louisa: we are certainly looking at a different weather picture today, we are actually trying out. overcast conditions continue right up from marge schott of mt. tam appeared it is .com, but we keep getting these wind gusts through the morning. breezy start for the day trying out however for the day. slight chance of showers tomorrow morning. we will start with how strong the winds are, 20 mi. an hour through as the fall, 18 in concord, into fairfield. dry conditions through the livermore valley, and in the top zero area we aran tahoe area we are seeing snow. we are currently in the 40's and '50's. by the afternoon bringing th
u.s. marshals were shot trying to make an arrest at the home of the south side of the city appeared to have been taken to hospital, 2 to one hospital the second to third hospital. the suspect has the shot as well. they have a us standoff, hostage situation. it happened about 6:50 a.m. three marshals showed up at the suspect's door to taken into custody. he opened fire, he told his sister he was going out in a body bag. the other witnesses say there are three children in the home but they were taken to another home just before this broken out. award was issued for the suspects arrested. i'm getting some news from the newsroom. to marshal shot, there there is a city worker. >> darya: 617 a lot to learn from new jersey, extreme flooding, they have had rain, the hackensack river has overflowed its bank. a new video from upstate new york. all of the snow, all of these cars are buried. it was a fast-moving storm moving through the area, class's are cancelled nearby. low temperatures expected well below freezing for the rest of the week. possibly more snow this weekend. >> mark: lets youto
today. $8.2 billion buyout drove in one of the oldest u.s. media company into bankruptcy protection. a judge must decide between competing plans to leave the door open for lawsuits they were the $1.7 billion in fines for executives have gone to prison. among those convicted or british airways. no major u.s. carriers have been charged. i recall of hands on labs the fda says seven people in three states got sick from eating his lots. three people were hospitalized no deaths reported. there were distributed between november 2nd and 22nd. there were sold in 1 lb. packages to four from big the tracks or in open bins. we will take a break, back with more than a minute. another live look as we go. checking the view from mount tam. crystal clear roadside, more on your forecasts coming up in a bid. >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look get 80, as you head to tahoe. the view is dark you can see that there is snow on the ground. chain requirements are in effect. let's get the latest on the forecast. >> louisa: starting off try, that is how it will stay for the rest of the day.
an interview late yesterday. the interview was conducted tuesday night. he was responding to u.s. and british plans for them or opposing a no-fly zone. it would leave live instead understand that foreigners are real key to seize their while and stick with their freedoms. watching gas prices rise as the result of the situation in libya here are the latest rises, oakland and 3-9 $2 an$3.92 a gap 7 cisco $3.96. the republican plan are the approved by the house would cut $57 billion on dublin 4 billion in cuts lawmakers approved yesterday the democratic proposal would trim additional 5 billion or so. house republicans are working on another bill to avoid another shut down. markets, wall street, stock futures are mixed after yesterday's rally. the wholesale inventories report is due out. tropicana says it will increase the prices of its juices by 4-8% to help cope with the higher cost of the impact of the citrus crops. warner brothers is making films available on facebook. could be this the end of net reflects?--net-flicks? >> the quarterly anderson forecast released today by ucla says there's lit
enforcing a no-fly zone, u.s. fighter jets taking off for libya. halfway around the world president obama emphasized the importance of the mission. >> because of the extraordinary capabilities, value of our men and women come in uniform. we very saved lives. >> reporter: protecting citizens as the immediate goal, the future remains unclear. during an interview with cnn the president revealed his robes. >> the first thing, that once we've cleared the space is that the rebels are able to start discussing how they organize themselves. >> reporter: great black, reporting periods >> justine: president barack obama is cutting his trip short to get back to d.c. today. >> james: the latest set of japan, black smoke has been seen emerging from unit 3. prompting a new evacuation officials are told that workers from the entire plan had been temporarily evacuated the damage is over $309 billion utilities have reposed power rationing many factories remain closed. japan's police agencies as the death toll has now exceeded 9400. more than 14,700 still missing officials estimate the final figure will l
: we'll continue to follow this trial. the u.s. will stand an envoy to libya to meet with leaders of the gaddafi forces. in the meantime secretary of state hillary clinton is preparing to meet with libyan opposition in london she will attend a 40 nation conference on libya's future officials say they are dropping leaflets to troops that are on the ground, the message refuse gaddafi's orders, stop fighting, a growing. president barack obama talk to the nation yesterday, explaining the u.s. joined other nations to prevent the slaughter of civilians, adding that the international effort will not be led by nato. >> i said that america's role would be limited, we would not put ground troops into libya, we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end. we would transfer responsibility to our allies, partners. tonight, we're filling that pledge. going forward, the lead in enforcing the no-fly zone would transitioned to allies and partners. i am fully confident that the coalition will keep the pressure on gadhafi's forces. in that effort, the united states, will play a supporting r
into the billions with a much of the money sitting overseas. the body of a 22 your of u.s. exchange student missing since late last month has been found. the cause of death and not known no signs of foul play. u.s. army's soldier from san jose has been killed in afghanistan it happens saturday when he stepped on a bomb. he was based in hawaii, started his tour in august. the 31 year-old is survived by his pregnant wife and to europe sons. in national news was about may come down today or it may not, the senate appears likely to reject the slashing republican bill and the less ambitious democrat alternative. they're about $50 billion apart. democrats say the gop bill goes too far public gives it a democrat does not do enough. president obama is headed to boston to promote his agenda and do fund-raising he will be talking education with this grant purpose. in the agreement has been reached between hilton and its auto workers and the 18th month long labor dispute. the 40 year contract includes increase wages pension, workload limits additional vacation time and maintain health care coverage for employ
tripoli. nato insists they are only protecting civilians. u.s. is making an effort to deepen ties with the rebels. here is secretary of state hillary clinton hopping off of a plane here. she is meeting with representatives who are fighting gaddafi. she is then going to be talking about political solutions 2 secure gaddafi's exit. >> mark: we will be right back as a morning news continues san jose traffic backed up right now bumper-to-bumper. we will get an update with george in the traffic center. we are getting word of the fire in new work, they are concerned about self or acid.. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of michelle's wardrobe. you dress like a prostitute. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of her serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. >> george: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. we continue to track this hotspot southbound 880 to the nimitz freeway. only one lane of that connecting ramp is opened with an overturned truck that occurred at 2:00 a.m. t
are if deciding on whether or not to arm rebels. you are seencnn video here. u.s. officials acknowledge there are operatives on the ground and they have helped in the rescue of a fighter pilot. bruce former secretary says the resignation of the foreign minister can now be the shipping point for gadhafi's regime. an ounce yesterday he has arrived in their country and he was resigning from his place in libya. >> darya: applause and tin soldier has been killed. he was killed on tuesday, and explosion. he is the third soldier to die in combat in the past month. 6:12 p.m. we will be back mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> mark: denjapan's police are fitted with counters are being slowed by radiat
that we are making fun of their rockets. he calls the coalition, u.s., canada, britain and france are fastestfascist. the president eliminated a trip to the mayan ruins from today. >>mark: that u.s. price tag is topic hundreds of millions of dollars. as of yesterday they fired at least 162 c launched tomahawk missiles. they cost one-one at the half million dollars apiece. they have a fine time of 25 hours round-trip. the operating hours cost from $1 million. 210 grand. i want it out of tokyi went for it thef the drinking water in tokyo. -- awardin warning. >> breaking news to tell you about. we are getting reports that elisabeth taylor has died at age 79. she entered the cedar sinai hospital for heart failure and the popular actress has died at 79. >> isabel: the rain is coming down. everything is saturated. when you are going to get off unique to be very careful because there is a lot of standing water there. at the worst it will start early as you go by without bags bright. -- will startle you as its praise. sprays. >>mark: we are seeing things beginning to lighten up just a bit
mccain says the top u.s. senator will make tough answers to tough questions. meanwhile the chairmen and the federal reserve board will meet today to discover it possible change in interest rates. there is a purchase bond program that set to expire economists think they will agree to stick with the pace the risks for the economy will likely complicate efforts to force consensus. health insurance company here in california says it is missing data services containing health corp., social security numbers for nearly 2 million customers. they can't account for and data center in their system. a quick check on wall street, u.s. stocks are headed for a sell-off. dow futures drop as much as 270 points. this all follows a 10% drop in japan's leading index. the nikkei drumrolltumbled. the mony sentiment reading for march is coming out, hawaii got there first, according to aaa hawaii's average price is $4 california stands at $3.96. take a look here come the oakland $3.97, san francisco $4.10.10. toyota is trading close to $4 million for relief and recovery efforts to japan. they stopped produ
fitted with equipment and being slowed the asian there looking for a report from the u.s. atomic agency about high levels of radiation in the village. experts say it doesn't pose an immediate danger to human health. the san francisco public utilities commission launched a three under and $20 million upgrade to safeguard the water supply in the event of a major earthquake in this part of the s f p use these $4.6 billion water system improvement program to up to grade the entire water system. the improvements are designed to allow the s f p c you to return minimum water service to 1 million people within 36 hours of a major earthquake. coming out, which erupted on what else is happening around the bay area. a live look upset, cemetery bridge, traffic seems to be ok. we will check >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. i live look at tahoe, at 267, north star. water officials say the snowpack is that 167% above average. the snow pack determines the water supply each year this level has not been as high since 1995. and it puts the winter near the top of the records list. speaking of r
is assuming full control of the mission today. >> james: the u.s. has spent about $550 million on the libya effort 60% 20 missiles, another 40 million over the next three weeks. coming out we're finding of the people were working on fixing the troubled new juror powerplant are now being admitted to the hospital. a live look at the james lick, on this wednesday morning is about 4:10 a.m. traffic is doing all right eric is keeping her eyes and a couple of things that might slow you down. >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:11 a.m. we will wind up in store for today, to marlowe-made '80s. --will have a warmup in store for today low-made '80s. >> justine: now to the latest in japan, the president of the new killer power plant's utility has been hospitalized for dizziness and high blood pressure. radiation but will close big to more than 3000 times above normal. they're trying to avoid a meltdown by repairing broken power lines. until then water is being dumped on the plant's six over heating reactors. shortage of water parts from japan are heading north america, honda, it toyota. toyot
and three months our revenue from my chrysostom. u.s. postal service hopes to eliminate 7500 and administrative jobs by offering a buyout to veteran workers. the postal service is struggling and will close 2000 post offices. they want to scale back a saturday delivery service. let's get you updated on those rather expensive gas prices around the bay area. san francisco $4.50 a gallon, oakland $3.99, san jose $4. coming up on kron 4 morning news, updating your forecast, another look your radar and find out what's in store for the weekend. the san mateo bridge, traffic is picking up all local >> reporter: 4:30 a.m., we are seen plenty of rain on the screen right now the bigger spobox is storm tracker for. we have windy advisory as an flood advisories in effect. thank you for joining us today you are very busy keeping an eye and everything going on. >> james: we have sporadic showers moving away around the bay. lets focused on the heaviest rain. starting with san francisco we had some rain moment ago but now it is pushing off to the east. offshore we have cells but are white. sa
forces. u.s. says 2000 people made it across to to nation over the last day compared it to 15,000 people previously. warplanes have probate attacks in the east, largely them and pushed back. the attacks are a signal, gaddafi has no plans to leave quietly despite pressure. storms bottle italy over wednesday night, it caused blackouts and flooding. strong winds disrupted railroads and locked region road. the lawyer for cia contractor facing murder charges of pakistan say is paying blood money is the best way to free the man. relative of the two victims say this week they were not interested in receiving money from the united states. they also said u.s. officials had contacted them. the law says murder suspects can be set free if they compensate the family of the victims. alan gross is facing 20 years if convicted he was were sitting on a u.s. aid program that part motes democracy. he was man bringing communication to jewish groups. dozens of south korea web site director cyber attacks this morning. a securities the company says 40 government and private web sites were targeted it floating,
something. we're hearing from the president, here's a quote, the u.s. stands ready to help any way we can. they have done an assessment of naval craft in the area all come back no damage. of course pulpearl harbor has been set to alert. we had sirens sounded across hawaii this morning. we did have a sound of the sirens but we will get prepared in just a little bit. there you hear it. that's what people across toy, heard last night. this hit at 9:46 p.m. our time just as the sun had gone down. we are talking about a big earthquake. they issued the tsunami warnings right away. and 8.9 earthquake. they have come back 300 years and have not found an earthquake this size in japan. this is causing concern in japan they are assessing the damage. people in hawaii are urged to go inland and reach higher ground. just about thabout ahold california s on alert for some of the as well. but his this is the shot of japan, 40 people confirmed dead, 39 have been missing. they expect both numbers to rise as they begin to sift through the rubble. as i said that warning expected to hit, sorry a tsunami wave
.60 billion. i need $3 million tv ad comes the week that talk about is due to respond to a lawsuit in u.s. district court for their products by including me. this is the filling is 88 percent beef in the message. another car, another recall. there are recalling corolla cars in brazil for fuel leaks. cars manufactured between march 20008-march 2010. are in need of work. it is the latest in a string of problems. they have recall of more than 14 million cars globally since 2009. insurance institute for highway safety is asking the government for stricter standards covering under red cross eldrills when a car. new h tests show that guards can fail in low-speed accidents and the consequences of occurred sliding under a big break can be deadly. coming up, much more weather, traffic, news the weather today is quickly changing we could see heavy rainfall by tonight. wind is headed are way. we'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. here's a live look at the golden gate, light, easy. we'll be right back. >> will: welcome back to the kron 4 news. if you need to get something then you may want
, another reactor has lost its cooling capacity raising their risks for another glass. the u.s. seventh fleet says its root is ships and aircraft away from the power plant the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan was about a hundred miles offshore when its instruments detected radiation. titillated this you can see how violent the tsunami was dropping a bus on top of a three story building. this was done top of the quake when net tramway heck, the video shows how it picked out an entire s and left it on top of an elementary school. barrett tracking, splitting during the earthquake. japan's stock market dropping in considerably losing over six percent down more than 600 points. now be the equivalent of losing 722 runs in the dow jones. the central link is helping finance certain institutions will continue to come meet the massive demands. stock futures are- setting the stage for a lower opening. freddie the dow did close about from a dozen s&p nine points. the nasdaq rising 15. here in the bay area, the santa cruz herbert is expected to remain close. authorities say 18 boat sank another 10
will stress nato and arab allies are taking over the lead and will bear the burden of the protection. u.s. forces will continue to play a role which could last for months. you to watch it on kron 4 at 4:30 p.m. >> darya: 6:00 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes todayto get you going this monday morning. clear skies and we will have a good day today. a lot of sunshine and it keeps getting warmer and warmer until thursday we will be right back. mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> darya: back to court today for barry bonds, this week they will call his former mistress, and former trainer. last week larry bowers was on the stand for four hours. he was testifying about the human growth hormone and the changes it can cause in the body. the prosecution alleges his feet, hands, head route due to use of h. g. age. >> mark: after months of negotiation the special election fade is uncertain as the gop releasing their list of 50 policy and budget reforms the republicans won in exchange for their votes to get a brown's plan on a
. the ground attacks will continue to be led by the u.s.. they are anxious to give up the lead role. at a bucket and a little luck may go out a long way for you. that make millions jackpot close to a high price. (laughter) >> if you might get to our offer if you win. (laughter) i live look at site at walnut creek. i guess, that is remaking thing >>darya: is 6:30 a.m.. a round of applause as will street opens today. most of the indexes started up. a good sign. we will track what is happening up there this morning. but his head over to james. >> after making it through yesterday's downpours we're going to shrug our shoulders. >>james: we have showers. zooming into san francisco we can see that the showers that were over the city are now all for that day. we will start to try and in the 101. here we are in the east bay. oakland, and rebuilt, seeing some showers right now as you make your way to get a bridge. in this delight. your ride on the 24 is still a problem. wet roads. walnut creek is no longer under the gun. the showers are moving closer to clinton. unfortunately closer to that
in frankfurt airport claims he acted alone. top security official says the suspect confessed to targeting the u.s. military. it indicates he acted alone and did not belong to a terrorist cell. he said he was a devout moslem. >> mark: we will be right back the latest on a pro test in berkeley and arrests overnight. >> mark: 3 protesters in jail this morning after refusing to leave from uc-berkeley. it was the day of action. the arrest happen after protesters were told to leave before) they refused and were arrested. 14 people were cited and released, three more were in jail overnight. will tran has more. now, here is a look at the weather. i saw police officers walking around with extra plastic handcuffs in case another protest broke out over night. i saw a security guard inside of the hall. it is quiet right now. the only thing that says there was a protest last night was this. a couple of brochures one says how to protest intelligently, this other one says fight back. reporting from uc-berkeley kron 4 news. >> darya: a look at side of our fake window. james lick roadway is dry, traffic is not so
enough we have experts on the ground, it is based on what we would i advise u.s. citizens here to do. >> mark: this decision was not a judgment on the japanese authorities on whaare telling tr citizens. officials are urging residents to stay indoors if they live more than 12 mi. from the plant if they choose not to leave. >> darya: if you allow worried about radiation and if it could make its way here to the bay area, you're not alone. a lot of people are asking the same question. will tran is live to show us what we are doing, and what the authorities are doing to reassure us. >> will: they know that a lot of people are afraid of what's going on because we saw the run on potassium iodine. on the seventh floor of this building air quality management district they have the device. this is video of the device it has captures all the air and monitors the radiation level. it looks like it's been there for quite some time. they are watching what's going on in japan and all of that information they collect here goes to alabama were signed this over there look at the numbers, good news repo
on interstate 80, u.s. highway 50, state route 88, and highway 4. interstate 80 you will need them between colfax and truckee. >> darya: stormy weather expected to continue through the bay area, it has forced britney spears outdoor concert inside. the concert was going to be at the castro theater on sunday, now all will be at the bill graham civic auditorium. >> we were going to open early, getting our team going, going strong. we are definitely disappointed, we wanted to see a great show, also because bridge a coming to the castro is bigger than the show. exposure to the neighborhood and they came back up. >> darya: you have to have a ticket it begins at noon, the appearance kicks off a publicity tour which is called samp the tel. >> mark: a setback of federal appeals reports court refuses the mayor just to take place and will it decides the constitutionality. lawyers argue gays and lesbians are being hurt if the ban stays in effect. they sought to lift the ruling after supreme court said it would take until the end of the year to consider legal question us by the appeals court. >> darya:
, when the forces and detaining them. they have accused them of spying for the u.s.. the americans and the families say it is untrue. they arhave pleaded not guilty. if shore was released on bail has pleaded not guilty as well. >> darya: if your depending on your iphone to wake up. their alarms didn't work. after the daylight savings time they we head into yesterday morning. this is attack belonged saying this problem is solved by turning the phone off and then back on. they did not have a comment from apple, you might just one and give it a peak, and call somebody to lecture. 6:41 a.m. back with more moment. ithe golden gate bridge a little rain falls right now. >> darya: continuing with the aftermath of the earthquake in japan. you can see the water here. the country's prime minister is calling this the worst crisis since world war two. they are searching for survivors and victims as the death toll is skyrocketing this morning. officials say the magnitude of the damage really cannot be known at this point. aside from the rescue efforts to hundred thousand people have been evacuat
,000. >> reporter: no one saw anything that would warrant the scrutiny of law enforcement. >> its u.s. vehicle gambling spot. usually no problems. this places on the up and up as far as i knew. >> will: james we just sat maureen kelly you saw the water on her lens as the rain was coming down will we have problems with order today? >> james: note. today will be better a look from our roof camera lets give you a quick look at the weather there were expecting for the day as we work through the morning clouds, fog, light showers. is anything falls it will be light, a brief period these are quick moving burst of drizzle here and there. this afternoon more sun, less rain. mild and dry tonight that will be what we see for tomorrow as well. quick look at what we see on the radar a couple pop here just up the coast of san francisco. light moving its way in off of daly city. really light drizzle not a lot going on also seeing a cell working its way across to a zero again light. not much to worry about. if anything it will make i really damp commute. a couple clubs are of their light showers more often t
the guesswork at peroxides we report and a gadget that may help warn people. >> reporter: he went to the u.s. geological survey he describes hydroxides tenrecs. >> they do it their drilling a hole down into the rocks, putting censors then that tells the pressure of water. so when arians, we can see how the ground water table rises and slopes become less stabled >> reporter: . to get these sensors installed around the mountains that would cost at least $10,000, the bigger the area off the big across. >> sure would be a great idea and there was an area that seemed rommel ball. to take advantage of the sensor. >> i talked with the county officials who did not even know if sensors were an option, that's obvious to wrestle trent because there are no sensors on the listener. >> we'll have to wait on the geologists on that to determine if those sensors will be used. >> reporter: the usgs is using those rockslide sensors for highway 50 their runs from sacramento to lake tahoe. the state's bridges are crumbling hundreds of bridges and the bay area are structurally deficient. san francisco is the wor
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